All Sosueme features to help you transform messages into useful data

Import and manage unlimited chats

With Sosueme you can import an unlimited number of WhatsApp chats. This feature allows you to manage, search, filter and organize multiple chats in just one application.

Fast and easy search

Sosueme offers fast and real time search. It helps you find specific words and phrases in your WhatsApp chat messages.

Create custom filters

With Sosueme you can create custom filters for your specific needs. These custom made filters can be saved as views. You can create an unlimited number of views based on Id, Date, Time, Date & Time and Author.

Create different groups to organize your chats

With Sosueme you can create different groups in which you can save multiple chats and filters. This allows you to organize and have easier access to multiple chats.

Sort by columns

Sosueme also offers the option to group information based on columns. This feature allows you to quickly organize for fast analysis or export.

Color code authors for easy viewing

With Sosueme you can assign a different color to each author. Color coding greatly improves readability of your WhatsApp chats.

Export your WhatsApp data for further use

Transform your WhatsApp messages into useful data by exporting selected messages to Microsoft Excel or Word. This feature allows you to further use relevant WhatsApp data for meetings, reports or other purposes.

Keep your WhatsApp data private and secure

Sosueme is designed as a local Windows desktop application in which you import your own WhatsApp data. This ensures that your WhatsApp data will be as private and secure as any other data you have stored. The level of privacy and security is thus determined by your own privacy settings and practices.

Modern and easy to use interface

Soseume has a modern, easy to use interface with a simple and straightforward design. You can opt for a light or dark mode. Processing your WhatsApp data has never been easier!


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