What is Sosueme FOR WHATSAPP?

Use Sosueme to search, organize and export your WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is a great service that helps you easily communicate with anyone you like. But with many messages being exchanged via WhatsApp, useful information easily gets lost.

Sosueme helps you find the information you need, fast. More so, you can filter, organize and export that information for further use.

Maybe you are a solopreneur who wants to keep track of client conversations. Or you run customer service through Whatsapp and would like to collect all customer complaints and questions into a comprehensive report. Perhaps you are a teacher and it would be helpful to have all student questions about the upcoming exam in one document. Or maybe you find yourself in a legal situation, where having a clear overview of whom said what would be helpful for building your defense.

Whatever your role or scenario, Sosueme can help you transform your WhatsApp messages into useful data. Processing your WhatsApp data has never been easier!