Sosueme is available through the Microsoft Store

As of today, Sosueme for WhatsApp is available through the Microsoft Store. We are pleased with the acceptance of our Sosueme application by Microsoft. By this acceptance we can provide you with an even better service. Do you already use the Microsoft Store? In this blog you read about the greatest benifits of the Microsoft Store.


  1. One central point for your Windows applications
    The Microsoft Store is a central portal where Windows applications are available. Through the portal you can easily search for desktop apps, install applications, update applications and buy applications. Especially the ease with which you can find and install a desktop app is a user-friendly experience.

  2. Ease of installation
    Before the Microsoft Store was available, you had to search for applications via search engines like Google and Bing. You installed and updated the application yourself. Before downloading an application, be sure to verify the source. When an application comes from an unknown or rogue source, you run the risk of being infected with a virus or ransomware. With the Microsoft Store, this is a thing of the past.

    Actually, the Microsoft Store works like all other application stores such as the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. However, the Microsoft Store is especially for Windows desktop applications.

  3. Automatic updates
    Another benefit of the Microsoft Store is the automatic updating of desktop apps. When you install an application via the Microsoft Store, Windows will automatically update your installed application(s). This way you don’t have to worry about updates. This saves time and improves the user experience of the application.

    Many desktop apps that are downloaded and installed outside of the Microsoft Store also have an automatic update system. Still, updating via the Microsoft Store is more familiar.

  4. Enhanced security
    The Microsoft Store offers a comprehensive security system. Before a desktop app is included in the Microsoft Store, it is validated by Microsoft. This validation includes checking for malware and viruses. Also, every desktop app is certified before it makes it to the Microsoft Store.

    When a desktop app is installed on your computer from the Microsoft Store, it is automatically run in a so-called ‘sandbox’. A sandbox ensures that an application can only do what Microsoft has certified the application for. With the Microsoft Store you are protected against malicious applications.

Sosueme for WhatsApp

We offer Sosueme for WhatsApp via our own website ( and from now on also via the Microsoft Store. If you are a Windows 10 user, we advise you to use the Microsoft Store. The Windows Store simply offers you more benefits.

Do you want to download Sosueme for WhatsApp from the Microsoft Store? Download Sosueme for WhatsApp here.